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complex calculations are used by is dedicated to all the kinds of music gear used to get your music to the ears of those listening, whether it be performed live or recorded. Gearank is a score out of 100 given to every piece of music equipment in our gear guides. We research a vast number of online discussions and reviews by users, customers, and experts, and bring all that together in one convenient place. Our legwork makes if much easier for you to decide which music equipment is best to buy. For a more detailed understanding see: How Gearank Works.

Music Gear Guides

Music Gear Guides

Here are some examples of our buying guides offering detailed advice on key topics you need to know about in order to get the best gear for your situation while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Acoustic Guitars - Highest Rated in 6 Price Ranges

The Best Acoustic Guitars
We scrutinized 88 individual guitars and more than 8,600 review sources to bring you this comprehensive guide including advice on everything from tonewoods to strap buttons.

Low Watt Tube Amps - Combo & Heads

The Best Low Watt Tube Amps
Whether it's American or British voicing you're looking for, and you want the real thing rather than a digital model, then we've got the goods for you with this tube amp guide.

Stage & Studio Mic Stands - Boom & Straight

The Best Mic Stands for Stage and Studio
We analysed feedback from more than 13,600 sources to find the best straight and boom mic stands for recording and playing live.

Budget Condenser Mics - XLR & USB up to $100

Condenser Mics Under $100
This is the place to start if you're looking for condenser studio microphones that won't break your budget.

Earplugs For Singers, Drummers, Guitarists...

The Best Earplugs for Musicians
Get up to 30dB of attenuation and reduce the impact of exposure to loud sources, particularly when exposed for hours at a time.

Audio Interfaces - 4 to 16 Simultaneous Inputs

The Best USB Audio Interfaces
This guide is designed to help you expand beyond 2 simultaneous input tracks featuring the best interfaces with 4 to 16 inputs.

Junior Drum Sets For Kids - A Guide For Grown-Ups

The Best Junior Drum Sets For Kids
We made this guide for adults, including both musicians and non-musicians, who want to buy a drum set for children around 10 years old or younger.

Powered PA Speakers - Under $300 up to $1500

The Best Powered PA Speakers
Powered PA speakers are often the best way to go for small to medium sized venues because you don't need extra amplifiers or other gear.

Multitrack Recorders - From 4 to 32 Tracks

The Best Multitrack Recorders
Digital multitrack recorders have everything built-in that you need for recording, mixing, and producing music. Many also work as audio interfaces and can export to computers.

MIDI Pad Controllers -
Live Play and Recording

The Best MIDI Pad Controllers
Sounds, samples or even entire sections of music can be triggered with the help of dedicated MIDI pad controllers assigned to specific functions in a DAW.

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Gear to Glean

Sony MDR-V6: Highest Rated Studio Headphones Under $100 with a Gearank Rating of 92 based on 3600+ sources.